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Aspheric cylindrical lenses

  • Category:Aspheric Optical
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  • Machining diameter (mm):50-600
  • Rq:<0.3nm
  • RMS:λ/40
  • Surface Finish:10-5
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for Aspheric cylindrical lenses manufacturer contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of high precision optical components.

Polishing aspherical lens can process conventional indexes
Materials Fused Silica, Zerodur / Clearceram, SiC, Nexcera etc
Product category
Aspheric cylindrical lens
Machining diameter (mm) 50-600
Diameter tolerance (mm) ±0.03
Rq <0.3nm
Surface finish 60-40 or 10-5
RMS λ/40 or higher
Focal length error ±2%
Optical aperture >90%
Center offset <3′
Chamfering 0.2mmX45°
Coating can be customized according to

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