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Concave Cylindrical Mirrors

  • Category:Optical Mirrors
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  • Reflector finish:40/20-60/40
  • Surface type surface:λ/4@633nm
  • Parallel to the poor:< 3 arc)
  • Size error:+0.0/-0.1mm
  • Product Manual: If you are searching for Concave Cylindrical Mirrors manufacturer contact us.We are a professional manufacturer of high precision optical components.

Cylindrical mirror is a concave cylindrical mirror coated with a reflective film to achieve reflection. Reflective optical elements can focus light beams without introducing chromatic aberration and are especially suitable for broadband light sources. Because these mirrors do not have dispersion effects, they have an advantage over cylindrical lenses for applications such as line generation, beam extension, or one-dimensional (1D) amplification with broadband light sources.

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