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Cube Beamsplitters

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  • Reflection efficiency:Rs > 99.5%
  • Reflected light offset:90 ° + 5 arc min
  • Surface finish:40-20
  • Transmitted light migration:<5 arc min
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for Cube Beamsplitters manufacturer, contact us. We are a professional production, sales of high precision optical components manufacturers.

Beamsplitters are optical components used to split input light into two separate parts. Beamsplitters are common components in laser or illumination systems. Beamsplitters are also ideal for fluorescence applications, optical interferometry, or life science or semiconductor instrumentation. Light can be split by percentage of overall intensity, wavelength, or polarization state.

MAP Optics offers plate, cube, pellicle, polka dot, or specialty prism Beamsplitters in a variety of anti-reflection coatings or substrates. Standard Beamsplitters, which split incident light by a specified ratio that is independent of wavelength or polarization state, are ideal for illumination subassemblies or as one way mirrors. Dichroic Beamsplitters, which split light by wavelength, are often used as laser beam combiners or as broadband hot or cold mirrors. Non-Polarizing Beamsplitters, ideal for laser beam manipulation, split light by overall intensity. Polarizing Beamsplitters, often used in photonics instrumentation, split light by polarization state. MAP Optics’ anti-reflection coatings are designed for the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, of Infrared (IR).

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