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Cylinder Lenses are typically used to focus incident light onto a line or to change the aspect ratio of an image. The cylindrical mirror has a cylindrical surface that allows incident light to focus on a certain dimension and stretch the image. The focal length of the cylindrical mirror can be negative or positive and is suitable for laser line generation or deformed beam shaping to circularize the laser output.

MAP optics offers achromatic cylindrical lenses, cylindrical lenses, plano-column mirrors or flat-concave cylindrical mirrors. Achromatic cylindrical lenses provide additional color correction by reducing chromatic aberration. The hybrid cylindrical mirror is ideal for color correction and it can also be used to minimize spherical aberration. MAP optics offers cylindrical mirrors with two substrates, a glass cylindrical mirror or a plastic cylindrical mirror, and the shape is round, rectangular or oblong. MAP optics offers cylindrical mirrors with a variety of AR coating options, from UV to IR, including UV-AR, UV-VIS, MgF2, VIS-NIR, VIS 0° or NIR I, N-BK7 Glass, UV fused silica or CaF2.

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