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Flat Mirrors

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  • Reflector finish:40/20-60/40
  • Surface type surface:λ/4@633nm
  • Parallel to the poor:< 3 arc)
  • Down side0.2-0.5mmX45°
  • Product Manual:MAP Optics is a based manufacturer and supplier of optical mirrors. If you are searching for Flat Mirrors manufacturer contact us.We are a professional manufacturer of high precision optical component

Flat-Mirrors are high quality optical reflectors in ultraviolet, visible and infrared bands by coating films on planar substrates. Metal film reflectors have high reflectivity in the widest spectral range, while broadband dielectric film reflectors work in a narrower wavelength range. The average reflectivity in a Mirror is one of the optical system based on optical element, main effect is according to the different coating, reflection spectra specified wavelengths of light, such as UV ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared light, infrared light, etc., are widely used in life science, optical imaging, optical lighting, medical, semiconductor, metrology, machine vision, photovoltaic industry and other related fields. MAP optics can customize and process high-precision large-size plane optical components, and also provide coating services for optical components, such as protective aluminum film, enhanced aluminum film, protective silver film, protective gold film, medium high reflection film, high damage threshold film and so on.

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