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Hollow Retroreflectors

  • Category:Optical Prisms
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  • Surface finish:40/20-60/40
  • Ray deviation:180°
  • Size error:+0.0/-0.2mm
  • Wavelength range:400-700nm
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for Hollow Retroreflectors manufacturer, contact us. We are a professional production, sales of high precision optical components manufacturers.

MAP optics provides a variety of substrate or coating hollow reflector, also can make ridge hollow reflector.

A hollow reflector uses three orthogonal surfaces to reflect light back to the source at the same Angle as the incident beam, unaffected by changes in position or alignment, producing an inverted image. This non-alignment sensitive, non-refraction through glass is ideal for applications that do not want to produce dispersion, chromatic aberration, material absorption, or reflection from the front surface of a glass prism, including interference and optical delay lines.

The hollow reflector consists of three optical glass or aluminum substrates. The polished surface of the base is plated with a protective silver film or gold film.

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