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Plate Beamsplitters

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  • Surface finish:40-20
  • Surface type surface:λ/4
  • Effective aperture:90%
  • Optical eccentric:<45″
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The plate beam splitter provided by MAP optics Splits the incident light in a specific proportion independent of the wavelength or polarization state of the light, while the polarizing plate beam splitter is designed to distinguish between the S and P polarization states.
Our flat plate beam splitter has a coated front surface that determines the beam splitter ratio, while the back is wedge-shaped and AR coated to minimize gouging and interference effects.
The wedge-shaped beam splitter plate provided below is designed to manufacture multiple attenuated copies of a single input beam.
A variety of plate beam splitters are available: UV-fused silica (250-1700 nm), IR-fused silica (900-2600 nm), Calcium fluoride (1-8 m), zinc selenide (1-14 m), covering the UV-mir wavelength range.
Uv-fused silica beam splitter compensation plates are also available.
We also provide beam splitters for Nd:YAG wavelengths (1064 nm and 532 nm).

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