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Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube

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  • Surface finish:40-20
  • Surface type surface:λ/4
  • Effective aperture:90%
  • Optical eccentric:<45″
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube manufacturer, contact us. We are a professional production, sales of high precision optical components manufacturers.

Cubic spectroscope, in the oblique plane of the rectangular prism plated a layer of film, and then glued a same rectangular prism, forming a cubic spectroscopic prism. Can avoid the astigmatism of plate spectroscope, coating without direct exposure, not easy to damage and corrosion. Compared with a flat plate spectroscope, a splitting prism has the same path of reflected and transmitted light. When transmitting light, splitter prism does not have the influence of light offset, so there will be no beam translation, ghost image and interference trouble. Used for spectral and imaging. Long time calibration is not required for 45° Angle incidence.

MAP optics offers a variety of plate splitters: UV-fused silica (250-1700 nm), IR-fused silica (900-2600 nm), Calcium fluoride (1-8 m), zinc selenide (1-14 m), covering the UV-mir wavelength range.

Uv-fused silica beam splitter compensation plates are also available.

We also provide beam splitters for Nd:YAG wavelengths (1064 nm and 532 nm).

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