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Wedge prisms

  • Category:Optical Prisms
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  • Surface finish:40/20-60/40
  • Surface type surface:Lambda / 10 @ 633 nm
  • Size error:+0.0/-0.2mm
  • Down side:<0.25mmX45°
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for Wedge prisms manufacturer, contact us. We are a professional production, sales of high precision optical components manufacturers.

Wedge prisms are ideal for laser beam manipulation applications. A wedge prism, also known as a Risley prism, deflects a beam of light that is incident on the vertical surface of the prism by 2° to 10°.

A wedge prism can be used to manipulate a laser beam alone or in conjunction with another wedge prism.

Ideal beam for a wedge prism

MAP optics offers a wide range of optical prisms with substrate or coating. Including rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, Daway prism, roof prism, Angle mirror, wedge prism, Powell prism, isosceles prism. Anti-reflective coatings include MgF 2, UV-VIS, UV-AR, VIS 0°, VIS-NIR or multiple laser line options.

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