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CNC polished precision aspheric lenses

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  • Surface Finish:40-20
  • Surface accuracy:λ/4
  • Effective aperture:90%
  • Center deviation: <45″
  • Product Manual:If you are searching for polished precision aspheric lenses manufacturer contact us.We are a professional manufacturer of high precision optical components.

Polishing aspherical lens can process conventional indexes
Materials optical glass, optical crystal, etc
Product category
Polishing aspheric lens
Machining diameter (mm) 5-500
Diameter tolerance (mm) ±0.03
Thickness tolerance (mm) ±0.03
Surface finish 60-40 or 10-5
RMS λ/50 or higher
Focal length error ±2%
Optical aperture >90%
Center offset <3′
Chamfering 0.2mmX45°
Coating can be customized according to requirements

Aspherical lenses are used to eliminate spherical aberration in a variety of applications, including bar code scanning, laser diode collimation, or OEM or R&D integration. Aspherical lenses are designed with a single element, which helps to minimize the number of lenses in multi-lens optical fittings. Another way to put it is that aspherical lenses, unlike conventional lenses with a spherical surface, have a more complex outer surface and gradually change direction from the center of the lens to outside the edge of the lens by means of curvature. Reducing the total amount of components used not only helps reduce the size or weight of the system, but also simplifies the assembly process. Integrating aspherical lenses with an application not only reduces the total cost, but also enables them to perform better than assembly designed for conventional spherical optical lenses. MAP optics can provide customized aspherical lenses without coating and anti-reflective coating according to your requirements.

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