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Application and development of cylindrical mirror in modern photoelectric products

With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, people have higher expectations for the quality of life.

So as to make our life more wonderful, more efficient photoelectric products also inadvertently come into our life.But bring us convenience at the same time is always in the test of the market.

As the voice of the whole earth and the common aspiration of all mankind, more and more people have deeply realized how to balance the balance between scientific and technological development and environmental protection.So a batch of human wisdom is full of convenience, green high-tech photoelectric products then change our life......

Intelligent fax, wintour scanner machine equipment perfect core concept of the paperless office. Bar code scanning machine equipment to work more efficient, food and clothing live line more convenient and quick. Excellent medical machinery in ascension healing effect together also alleviate the pain of patients. Gradual perfection of photographic equipment to attract people and clothing live each moment.

The current popular image monitoring and imaging equipment has brought us irreplaceable security and full comfort...Perhaps, while enjoying the convenience brought by photoelectric products, we ignore the important part of photoelectric products -- cylindrical mirror.

The general optical system is composed of lens, spectroscope, reflector and other optical elements.Its surface shape is usually spherical or planar two categories.Cylindrical mirror aspheric lens can effectively reduce the spherical aberration and chromatic aberration.It is divided into plano-convex cylindrical lens, plano-concave cylindrical lens, biconvex cylindrical lens and biconvex cylindrical lens.It has one-dimensional amplification function.

Cylindrical mirrors are mainly used to change the design requirements of imaging size.For example, converting a spot light spot into a line spot, or changing the height of an image without changing its width.With the rapid development of high technology, cylindrical mirror is widely used.

For example, linear clustering system, cinematography system, scanning imaging system for fax machine and printing typesetting, gastroscopy in medical field, laparoscope, vehicular video system in automobile field with cylindrical mirror participation, meanwhile, linear detector lighting, barcode scanning, holographic lighting, optical information processing, computer, laser emission.It is also widely used in strong laser system and synchrotron radiation beam line.

Meanwhile, with the continuous improvement of cylindrical mirror processing technology, a mature and efficient processing technology has been formed at present. Its good quality reproducibility and repeatability are gradually recognized by the market.At present, this process is gradually replacing the relatively backward traditional process.

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